Only 5-6% of professional pilots in the UK and worldwide are women. The percentages in general aviation are similar. Much of this is due to lack of information and opportunity. One of our key aims as an organisation is ‘to promote the training and employment of women in aviation, and the promotion of practical schemes to assist women to gain air licences.’ For this reason, a proportion of our membership fees is used to fund scholarships. In addition, we actively work with partner organisations to extend what we are able to offer, and so help to raise awareness and aspirations.

In 2021 we awarded 19 scholarships available to female pilots:

  • BWPA Flying Start Scholarships
    Four scholarships, one sponsored by SkyDemon, each for £1500, for new, inexperienced pilots to gain their first qualifications.
  • BWPA Flying High Scholarships
    Two scholarships, each for £1000, for licensed pilots who wish to gain further qualifications.
  • BWPA CATS Aviation Training Scholarship
    One scholarship for the full value of the CATS Aviation Training CPL or ATPL (A or H) distance learning theory course.
  • BWPA Bristol Groundschool ATPL Scholarships
    Two scholarships, each for half the value of the Bristol Groundschool ATPL (A or H) course.
  • BWPA Scholarship
    One scholarship for a female aviation enthusiast for her own special mission and flying adventure, donated in proud memory of 624 (Special Duties) Squadron Royal Air Force.
  • BWPA Easy PPL Ground School Scholarships
    Two scholarships, each for the full value of an Easy PPL ground school course.
  • BWPA Helicentre Aviation CPL(H) Scholarships
    Two scholarship to subsidise the cost of an integrated CPL(H).
  • BWPA Helicentre Aviation Introductory Scholarships
    Three scholarship to subsidise the cost of a two-day introductory helicopter training course.
  • BWPA Flight Deck Wingman Scholarships
    Two scholarships to cover the full cost of an Airline Assessment Preparation Course and a Pilot Interview and Group Exercise eBook.

The winners of our 2021 scholarships have been announced – read about their aviation experiences and aspirations, and how they plan to use their scholarships.

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