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Applications for the 23 scholarships we have on offer this year close in a few weeks, on 26 May.

Previous scholarships winner and previous Scholarship Coordinator Sue Tuddenham shares her secrets for success:

Top five tips

Apply online – our application forms steer you through the information we need to carefully assess you against other applicants.
Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements – this includes making sure your BWPA membership is current! Log into the website to check your subscription and contact our Membership Coordinator if you have any questions.
Apply for more than one scholarship – you can apply for as many scholarships as you like, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements for each one.
Check your details are correct – especially your name, email and phone number. Without these, if you are successful, we won’t be able to contact you to let you know.
Carefully read and think about each question – be as accurate and relevant as you can, as this will help the panel get to know you and your ambitions more than a general answer would.
Sell yourself and highlight your achievements – tell us about anything that could be relevant or important. If you are not sure, include it anyway.

Women in Aviation International have also published their 10 tips for a winning scholarship application. Sue’s favourite pieces of advice from this list are:

• Tell your unique story – don’t submit a generic, one-size-fits-all application.
• Be passionate – communicate about who you are and why you are the best candidate. Help the scholarship panel get to know you, and help them feel your passion.

While we would love to award a scholarship to all our applicants, remember that you can apply again next year. Many of our previous winners were successful in their second or third year of applying, so keep trying.

We wish all our applicants good luck and look forward to reading your submissions!


Who assesses the applications?
A panel, usually made up of three people, assesses applications for each scholarship. There is a different panel for each one, and it typically includes the scholarship sponsor (such as Bristol Groundschool), and two BWPA members with relevant experience, such as a flying instructor, commercial pilot or experienced PPL.

How are applications assessed?
Set criteria for each question give a score for each answer. The criteria may differ depending on the requirements of each scholarship, but generally cover:
• Meeting the eligibility requirements.
• A demonstrated passion for aviation, including a commitment to being a good ambassador, and sharing your skills and experience with other women.
• A demonstrated desire to develop your flying skills.
• A clear plan of what you aim to do and how you would use the scholarship. This should include a realistic idea of time and costs involved and how this would fit alongside other commitments.
• A suitable referee (who may be contacted if you are successful).


If you have any questions about our scholarships, please contact us.

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