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Kanchana Gamage, BWPA member and Founder & Director of The Aviatrix Project, gives an update on how the year has been progressing for them.


The Nuffield Foundation supports less advantaged, yet talented, year 12 students in completing research projects in STEM subjects. This provides a valuable platform for making connections and creating evidence for their university applications. Due to the pandemic, the Foundation has lost a large number of work-based placements and has had to change their approach. They are now offering online placements through a programme called Nuffield Future Researchers.

We have been working together with a number of pilots and researchers to create a resources around the topic of COVID-19 and its impact on the aviation industry. We are asking students to complete research around the social, financial, environmental impact of the pandemic on air travel across the globe.

We are helping an incredible 36 students this year, supported by 24 supervisors. Throughout July the students will receive supervision via Google Classroom to write a research report and create a poster.

“I’m delighted to have been chosen for this prestigious programme. I’m interested in psychology and really excited to look at the impact on aviation professionals,” says Ramina, a year 12 student in Tottenham.

With the uncertainty of when students will return to school and the amount of teaching time year 12 students will lose, we believe it is more important than ever to provide this key group of students with some relevant experience over the summer to support and inform their university applications. It is wonderful to be able to support so many students in a way which will have such a positive impact on their lives.

Kanchana Gamage, The Aviatrix Project

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