Congratulations to ‘easyJet’s youngest female airline captain’ – 26-year-old Kate McWilliams

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Coverage of Kate McWilliams becoming a captain for easyJet, which includes comment from BWPA Chair, Julie Westhorp:

Julie Westhorp, Chairwoman of the British Women Pilots’ Association (BWPA), said she hopes Miss McWilliams’ progression inspires more women to consider pursuing a career in aviation.

She said: ‘Both the BWPA and easyJet are aware of the importance of visible role models for girls and young women when making career choices and continue to work together to encourage young women to consider a pilot career.

‘Kate’s achievement clearly demonstrates to other young women that it is possible to succeed as a pilot in commercial aviation.

‘We wish Kate continuing success in her career and are delighted that she is now an excellent role model for other females.’

Links to various papers: article/37469713/the-worlds- youngest-airline-captain-is- 26-years-old news/2016/09/26/soaring-to- new-heights—the-26-year-old- easyjet-flight-captain/ news/article-3806882/The- world-s-youngest-plane- captain-flies-UK-s-youngest- pilot-Kate-26-Luke-19-charge- holiday-flight-Gatwick-Malta. html life/2016/09/26/british-woman- is-worlds-youngest-commercial- plane-pilot/

www.intelligent- british-woman-26-becomes-one- of-world-s-youngest-airline- captains.html

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