BWPA Aviation Seminar 8th Feb at White Waltham

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BWPA Seminar Saturday February 8th 2014

Twenty-Two people attended the successful re-run of last year’s BWPA Aviation Seminar, held this year at White Waltham. The speakers from last year – Kevin Herbert, Nick Wilcox, and Mark Batin, were joined by Jonathan Smith from NATS.

Mark, from the RIN, talked about affordable flying, including gliding or owning  microlight, deregulated and permit  planes. He outlined the advantages and pitfalls of these cheaper methods of flying, before encouraging all pilots to take part in this year’s TOP NAV competitions.

Dr Kevin Herbert, President of the European Society of Aerospace Medicine, listed the recent changes to aviation medicals. Light Aviation Pilots have a choice of retaining their PPL’s and continuing with a class II medical, or getting a LAPL qualification, with a less vigorous medical regime. We congratulated Kevin, who became a grandfather for the first time this week, and was rushing away to see his brand new grandson, Albion.

After a buffet lunch, Jonathan used dramatic radar images to show us the effect on commercial traffic of a lost student near Heathrow, and of a non-radio Cub tracking from Norfolk to Wiltshire through Stansted and Luton zones. He highlighted the use of GPS, transponders, Sky Demon Light, and, above all, careful preparation, in minimizing the risks of aerial collisions.

Finally, Nick Wilcox, from AOPA, explained the new licences available under EASA rules, and how pilots can convert their existing licences to EASA ones.

Rosemary Clemo  19.02.2014



Thanks to our Four brave Speakers –

Dr Kevin Herbert              Johnathan Smith,                  Mark Batin,              Nick Wilcox

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