Jean Lennox Bird Pendant

This award is made to a British woman pilot who has served aviation over a period of time in any aspect, consistently achieving goals, showing diligence to duties and encouragement to others.

RECIPIENT: Sacha Dench

Sacha was expedition leader of a multidisciplinary team from the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust following the migration route of the endangered Bewick swans in her paramotor. She achieved an amazing feat of planning, logistics, aviation, navigation and endurance, flying 7,000km through 11 countries from the Arctic tundra back to Slimbridge in Gloucestershire. During the trip she became the first woman to cross the English Channel by paramotor.

Brabazon Cup

This cup was presented to the BWPA by Lord Brabazon of Tara in 1959. It is awarded for one particularly outstanding or noteworthy performance in aviation.

RECIPIENT: Fiona Macaskill

Fiona won Dawn to Dusk in February 2017. She not only won the competition she was also awarded the Duke of Edinburgh Trophy and the Pooley’s Sword for Best Report and Log.

Before transitioning to fixed wing aircraft in 2013 she flew paragliders for 25 years, being a five-time world record holder and the fastest female paraglider pilot in the world.

Jackie Moggridge Cup

This trophy is awarded to a British Woman Pilot for achieving excellent qualifications in her chosen career.

RECIPIENT: Corinne Dennis

Corinne not only does aerobatic display flights in a Pitts Special she built it herself!

She has more than 775 hours fixed wing flying with 600 hours aerobatic. She started flying again in 2015 after 6 years away from flying to build her Pitts Special, called Tarquin. She has now regained her currency and displays in her Pitts as well as running her own cycle clothing company.

Corinne also won the AOPA Trophy in TOPNAV 2017 with her partner John Watts.

Faith Bennett Navigation Cup

This trophy is awarded to a British Woman Pilot for a navigation exercise undertaken during the current year of special merit or that stretches the experience of the pilot to the limits, reaching goals beyond the pilot’s expectations. It can be given to regions for group flights/achievements.

RECIPIENT: Claire Birch and Rachel Foyle

Claire Birch won the BWPA Air Total Flying Futures Scholarship, to promote women’s aviation and to hour build for her commercial licence. She and Rachel Foyle used this by flying G-EVIE around Britain. Rachel, aged 23, is one of 15 women enrolled on the BSc Professional Pilot Aviation Practice course at Tayside Aviation. Claire, aged 35, began flying at 14 and is a former RAF navigator. She is Safety Officer at Tayside and is also working towards her commercial licence.

You can read about their flight in the Autumn 2017 newsletter.

Muriel Sells Trophy

This award is made to a BWPA member who has supported the Association either by regularly attending events or by working in the background to further the association’s aims

RECIPIENT: Cheryl Sullivan

Cheryl has worked steadily in the background for the BWPA for more than 20 years as our long standing booking co-ordinator for events and supporting the committee whenever she is needed. Latterly providing support in the busy round of 2017 scholarship assessment.

She regularly attends the Essex group meetings providing a warm welcome and encouragement to both new and old members.

Cheryl’s understated input both on and off committee is an essential part of the BWPA.

BWPA Special Recognition Award

To be awarded in recognition of active support of women in aviation.

RECIPIENT: Beverley Harrison

Beverley is our Secretary and Archivist and over the last two years has taken on an increasing workload with the raised profile of the Association, often travelling great distances to attend meetings and events.

We particularly wish to acknowledge her invaluable contribution to the process of incorporation, during which she willingly accepted increased duties and helped to negotiate the various legal necessities.

OP Jones Gliding Trophy

Awarded to a British Woman Pilot for an achievement or special contribution to gliding, hang gliding or paragliding.

RECIPIENT: Peggy Williams

Peggy started paragliding in 2006 and despite two serious accidents in 2009 and 2012 she continues to fly.

Based in the UK she has also flown in Columbia and Nepal. She flies an average of 100 hours a year and competes in the women’s cross country league.

Wanting to give back to the sport Peggy joined the committee of the Avon Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club, of which she is now Chairman and is also a Club Coach.

Chairwoman’s Challenge Trophy

Awarded to the competition entry judged to be the most interesting or unusual navigation flight on the theme of Inspiring Women. The competition is judged on the basis of flight logs, photographs, accuracy of times and other supporting material submitted by entrants. The judges also take into account the experience of the pilots.

RECIPIENT: Marion Wooldridge and Abbigale Austin

Naomi Christy Cup

This trophy is awarded for a flying or flying related personal achievement, beyond the recipient’s wildest dreams. This award is not aimed at the ‘record breaker’ or ‘high achievers’, but is awarded for an achievement ‘special’ to the individual.

RECIPIENT: Cherry Charters

Cherry gained her PPL last year and since then she has continued to challenge herself, gaining her tail wheel conversion and undertaking aerobatic training. Having gained 40 hours on tail wheel (in a Cub) she transferred to the Tiger Moth. Cherry often attends BWPA events and her enthusiasm is always so evident.

Jack Brackenbury Photographic Competition

This trophy was first awarded in 2004 in memory of Jack and to encourage members to record our events as he used to. Entries may include photos sent in for the newsletter and website as well as the archives and the competition itself.


For her photograph “CloseAndUp” of Bristol Balloon Fiesta Dawn Mass launch.

Hilda Hewlett Trophy

Presented to a British woman pilot between the ages of 16 and 25, who has shown initiative and commitment in gaining her PPL (with a view to following a career in aviation) and who, through her actions and her example, is an inspiration to her peer group.

RECIPIENT: Zoe Burnett

Zoe has been interested in aviation from a young age despite not having an aviation background. In 2016, at the age of 17, Zoe successfully completed her PPL after receiving the AirBP scholarship from HCAP, flying solo before driving a car! She continued with her part time swimming teaching job whilst at school to fund flying hours to maintain her licence.

Zoe knew she wanted to be a commercial pilot and successfully applied to Flybe. She is now training at FTE Jerez, Spain at the age of 18 and is the only female on her course.

‘She believed she could, so she did’

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