Due to the current pandemic affecting many of our commercial pilots, we have shown our support by providing twelve BWPA Motion Flight Bursaries, each for two hours of simulator training on fixed-base 737NG simulators. Applications have now closed and winners have been announced.

Some reduced-cost offers for all BWPA members are also available:

  • Motion Flight 737NG fixed base simulator at Gatwick. £60/hr including instructor for furloughed, redundant, or other pilots (including trainees) requiring continuity training due to current circumstances. Offer ends 31 December 2021. Have your BWPA membership number available when booking.
  • SimAir737 fixed based 737-800 simulator based in Gloucester. 40% off online prices to all BWPA members. Code available in discounts space within members’ area.
  • Virtual Aerospace simulators at various locations. 20% off fixed base simulators – excludes instructor course and add ons. Includes dry hire (no instructor) at £68 (if with e-voucher). 10% off full motion simulators. Codes available in discounts space within members’ area.

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