Georgia Pescod wins Attagirls scholarship, in partnership with the BWPA

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The Attagirls Molly Rose Pilot Scholarship valued at £15,000 has been awarded to 17-year-old student Georgia Pescod from Cambridge. The BWPA are delighted to be contributing towards Georgia’s accommodation and living costs.

The scholarship was created by Aetheris Films and funded by Marshall of Cambridge in association with BWPA, and funds all elements of attaining a Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL). Applications were received from young women aged between 17-24 throughout the UK.


Georgia was selected from five finalists who attended interviews and flights in May, and she will receive full pilot training at the Cambridge Aero Club over the summer months with all costs covered.

Sharon Nicholson, BWPA Chairwoman said, “Georgia was awarded this scholarship as she impressed the panel with her confidence and interest in everything aviation. If we stepped back in time, it is possible to imagine that Molly Rose had similar aspirations in her youth and is now gifting someone following in her footsteps, with a 21st century twist. I found Molly an amazing presence when we first met at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London, and subsequently at other celebratory events acknowledging her part in the Air Transport Auxillary (ATA). This scholarship will give Georgia a great boost and I look forward to following her aviation story for years to come.”

The ‘Attagirls Molly Rose Pilot Scholarship’ was created by Paul Olavesen-Stabb and RAF Squadron Leader (RTD) Andrew Rawcliffe, Directors of Aetheris Films and co-authors of the film screenplay ‘Attagirls’ which was adapted from the novel by Paul Olavesen-Stabb.

The scholarship was inspired by one of the pilots of the World War II Air Transport Auxiliary, Molly Rose. Molly is featured in the novel and screenplay entitled ‘Attagirls’, based on the true story of Molly’s life as a pilot in ATA.

Scholarship winner Georgia Pescod grew up in Cambridge, and her primary school was across the road from Cambridge Airport. From the age of four she has wanted to be a pilot, and at the age of 12 she joined the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, and since then has taken every opportunity to fly.

Georgia said, “I am hugely grateful to Aetheris Films and the Board of Trustees of the Attagirls Molly Rose Pilot Scholarship, and to Marshalls of Cambridge, Cambridge Aero Club and to the BWPA for selecting me and for believing in me.

“My dream is about to come true. One of my goals after becoming a pilot is to fly an aircraft with another female pilot without it having to be International Women’s day and without any publicity. I aim for it to become a normal occurrence without it having to turn heads. If male pilots can do it, so can female pilots!”

Georgia will be mentored by pilot Zoe Cameron, scholarship ambassador and airline pilot for Virgin Atlantic. Her flight training will be with the Marshall owned Cambridge Aero Club, founded in 1930 by Molly Rose’s brother Arthur Marshall.

Remember, the BWPA scholarships close on 26 May… Visit the scholarships page for more information.

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