Call to BWPA members to share their flying experiences!

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Firstly, a huge welcome to all our newest members. Isn’t it great to be a part of an ever-expanding community of like-minded people who support women in aviation.

As the winter months begin to draw upon us, we will experience fewer daytime flying hours. Pitted against variable weather conditions, armchair flying is set to become the norm as inclement weather will limit flying opportunities, especially for those amongst us who are aspiring to achieve our pilot licences. One thing that has spurred my passion for all things aviation related and to keep my flying dream alive is learning about all the amazing flying adventures our members have achieved over the past year and continue to strive towards.

As you know, the BWPA is completely reliant on its volunteers from the membership keeping the organisation evolving. Only very recently have we seen the launch of our Instagram account; a hugely exciting achievement and a sign that, as a small collective of volunteers, we strive to keep with the times and expand our reach as widely as possible. After our recent and successful volunteer recruitment drive, we are continuing to build our fantastic support team and to expand our capacity to facilitate more frequent communications to our members. This can only truly come about with the positive dedication and effort of our volunteers, most of whom also juggle work and family commitments, not to mention flying.

It is so inspiring and interesting to learn of all the fun flying experiences around the UK and beyond that our members have participated in, from an enthralling passenger flight in a Spitfire, to winners of gliding experiences, to a member doing some of her Private Pilot Licence training in Portugal and all the fun social activities our members have engaged in.

So, please keep the stories coming. You just never know how inspirational your story might be for someone thinking of taking up a particular flying activity. As someone who only took up flying earlier this year, it has been a super busy time , not to mention a huge learning curve, yet when I reflect on this time last year, I had no clue I would be this far along in my aviation journey. I simply would not change it.

If you would like to share a flying or aviation-related experience, please write around 500 words about the experience, highlighting how, when and what the activity entailed, together with some photographs, and send this to the Communications Team.

Our team will review your article and be in touch shortly before publication.

Natasha Rowson

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