The Chairwoman’s Challenge Trophy 2019

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The Chairwoman’s Challenge Trophy is awarded annually to the pilot who has used her aircraft in the most imaginative and interesting way, and who has exhibited the highest standards of navigation and airmanship.

The theme for this year’s challenge is Music to Fly By. You may have a favourite aviation themed piece of music or a musician, group or band that you particularly enjoy. Let your thoughts take flight and interpret this in any way you wish and enjoy challenging yourself!

The competition is open to any female member of the BWPA, including student pilots. The judges will use a handicapping system based on factors including pilot experience and ratings, aircraft type and avionics to ensure that every competitor has an equal chance. The flight can take place in any type of flying machine, including single or multi-engine fixed wing, rotary, microlight, glider, hang-glider or balloon.

The presentation of the trophy will take place at the Christmas lunch, and members will be able to examine the competitors’ log books.


  1. The flight may be undertaken at any time between 1 March and 30 October 2019.
  2. The duration of the flight should be between 75 and 120 minutes.
  3. Flying time is designated as time taken between takeoff and touch down.
  4. Time spent on the ground, for example for taxiing, cannot be included as flight time.
  5. The flight must be based on the theme set by the judges.
  6. One interim landing is permitted during the flight.
  7. The pilot in command may take a co-pilot/navigator. They may each fly a portion of the route, but all pilots and passengers must be included on the entry/declaration form.
  8. The pilot(s) must provide evidence that the flight has taken place. This should include flight plans/route plans, weather details, aerial photographs of features and turning points, receipts for fuel/landing fees, and any other relevant documents.
  9. Details of the flight should be presented in the form of a written log-book, explaining the purpose and significant of the flight and including documentary evidence (as outlined above).
  10. Completed log-books must be with the judges by 31 October 2019 or 21 days after the flight has taken place.
  11. The judges will take careful note of any difficulties encountered during the flight and will take into account examples of good airmanship.

Once completed, email with an outline of your challenge to receive detailed instructions of how to submit your entry.

See our Awards page for information on other awards on offer this year!

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