How to deal with media requests as a BWPA member

This policy aims to set a uniform approach to media requests for the BWPA and its members.

The BWPA is often approached for media appearances and this includes requests for our members to speak about their experiences. We love to see our members representing the BWPA, however we want to make sure it is done in a way that promotes the BWPA’s interests while also allowing members to make the most of media opportunities.

If the BWPA receives a media request directly, we will ensure the opportunity to represent our Association is given to members, where appropriate.

Occasionally, members may be approached directly to provide comments.

If you are approached by a media outlet:

  • Inform us through of any media requests where the BWPA may be mentioned before agreeing to them. Common media requests may include the opportunity to speak on radio or podcasts, and to provide comments for written pieces such as articles or press releases.
  • Once agreed that the appearance is in the BWPA’s interests, the team will give you a quick brief about how to make the most of your media appearance and ensure the messaging appropriately represents the BWPA’s aims and work.
  • Copy into all email correspondence with the media outlet.
  • After the interview, let know when and where your interview is published, so she can share it with other members.

If you would be interested in acting as a spokesperson for the BWPA, please contact Training will be provided if needed.

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