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International triathlon medallist Lara Greggs has just achieved her Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) at Stapleford Aerodrome and her Multi-Engine Piston (MEP) rating, and is now moving on to her Instrument Rating. When she is not flying around the circuit she can be seen running around the perimeter of the airfield to keep fit.

Lara is only 20 years old. She started flying at Eshott Airfield in Northumberland at the age of 17 and has already achieved her Private Pilot Licence, Night Rating, and Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) ground school, before going to Stapleford Aerodrome to complete her professional pilot training.

Back home she is a part owner of an Airtourer Super 150 and is the North East Regional Representative for the British Women Pilots’ Association. Since moving to Essex she has linked up with the local regional group. “I am keen to help other women who want to take up flying as a career,” says Lara.

“I have always wanted to fly. Initially my interest was sparked by travel abroad. I joined the Royal Air Force Air Cadets and would highly recommend this to the younger generation who want to become pilots, says Lara. “You need to be motivated to overcome the hurdles in training.”

Previously she achieved gold, silver and bronze medals in her age group as a triathlete at national, European and international aquathlon events.

Lara is relishing the opportunities presented to her at Stapleford. “At first I did find it all a bit of a challenge as I got to know the Arrow for the first time, but not as intense as the ATPL ground school. The airspace is so much busier than what I was used to in the northeast or in Florida where I did my hour building, but I just love the challenge of flying here. Every time I climb into an aeroplane I start smiling!”

She finds it to be a great advantage living at Stapleford in the student accommodation. “It is especially good to be living with enthusiastic students here at the airfield. I can always go and sit in an aeroplane and familiarise myself with the cockpit ahead of flights. This has been particularly helpful as I got to know the Arrow for the first time my CPL and now the Diamond DA42 Twin Star for the MEP course.

When she is not in an aeroplane, Lara is making the most of opportunities for keeping fit by going for a run around Stapleford Aerodrome or working out at a local gym. To her delight, she has had the horses in the adjacent fields running alongside her and loves watching the Stapleford hares running around the airfield. “Keeping fit is so important for us pilots.”

“I am really glad I have chosen to train at Stapleford. The instructors and staff are so supportive, the aeroplanes and facilities here are great!”

Adapted from an article originally published in the Stapleford newsletter and shared here with their kind permission.

Since publication of this article, Lara has completed her Multi-Engine Instrument Rating at Stapleford and her Airline Pilot Standards Multi-Crew Cooperation Course at VA Airline Training in Cambridge. We wish Lara every success in her future career endeavours.

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