As a membership organisation, the BWPA loves to hear about and share your achievements.

Members are encouraged to share their aviation milestones, such as first solos, qualifying cross-country flights, skills test passes, ratings and further qualifications, awards, external scholarships/bursaries and any other special recognition in the members’ forum and with their Regional Group Whatsapp group.

Member achievements are also shared regularly via our social media channels, managed by the Communications team. If you make a social media post to celebrate your achievement, please remember to tag us (Facebook, Instagram @bwpa_uk and Twitter @BWPA_UK) so we can share your post. To ensure our social media is run fairly and professionally, we note the following guidelines:

  • How good news content is shared across our social media platforms may vary (whether a post or a story).
  • Posts will be primarily for sharing BWPA news and events, member achievements and members flying together.
  • Priority will be given to content where members are wearing BWPA merchandise.
  • No business promotions unless it is for our scholarship sponsors or partners for member benefits.

If you have good news to share, please contact the Communications team with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Details of achievement
  • Date of achievement
  • Name of your flying school/training organisation
  • A photo – preferably aviation-related with you in it


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