Congratulations to the winners of awards and scholarships at the BWPA Christmas lunch. Ten awards were presented in recognition of significant achievements.

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The awards are as follows:

BRABAZON CUP: DOROTHY SAUL-POOLEY. This cup was presented to the BWPA by Lord Brabazon of Tara in 1959. It is awarded for one particular outstanding or noteworthy performance in aviation.  Dorothy Saul-Pooley received the trophy in recognition of her position as first female Master of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots, previously known as the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators (GAPAN) for the year 2014 – 2015.

JACKIE MOGGRIDGE CUP: MORAG LESLIE-SMITH.  The trophy is awarded to a British Woman Pilot for achieving excellent qualifications in her chosen career. Morag Leslie-Smith came to aviation later in life after a career in Chemistry at Strathclyde University, and went on to achieve a frozen ATPL, IR and unrestricted Instructor Rating, and has been instructing at the Prestwick Flight Centre for the past eight years.

FAITH BENNETT NAVIGATION CUP: PAULA CARTER. This trophy is awarded to a British Woman Pilot for a navigation exercise undertaken during the current year of special merit or that stretches the experience of the pilot to the limits, reaching goals beyond the pilot’s expectations. Paula Carter achieved the award for the best performance by a newcomer in the RIN TopNav Competition 2015, flown from White Waltham.

BWPA SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD: THE BWPA DIAMOND JUBILEE WORKING GROUP. In recognition of active support of women in aviation, in their planning and execution of the very successful Diamond celebrations, the award was made to the members of the committee:  Marion Wooldridge, Lesley Runnalls, Diana Green-Davy, Amy Chau, Cheryl Sullivan, Pauline Vahey, Rosemary Clemo, Nicky Rowan, Julie Westhorp

MURIEL SELLS TROPHY: RACHEL ELLIS.  The award is made to a BWPA member who has supported the Association either by regularly attending events or by working in the background to further the association’s aims. Rachel Ellis was recognised for her work as past Treasurer of the BWPA for a number of years, looking after the Association’s finances very effectively, efficiently and professionally ,and as a good communicator and most helpful in sharing information; always ready with the answer to any question on BWPA finances.


O P JONES GLIDING TROPHY: AYALA TRUELOVE. This trophy is awarded to a British Woman Pilot for an achievement or special contribution to gliding, hang gliding or paragliding Ayala Truelove’s award is for her success in winning the Standard Class Nationals 2015 at The Gliding Centre, Husbands Bosworth.

CHAIRWOMAN’S CHALLENGE TROPHY: ROSEMARY CLEMO.  The award was made for the competition entry judged to be the most interesting or unusual navigation flight on a Diamond theme. The competition is judged on the basis of flight logs, photographs, accuracy of times and other supporting material submitted by entrants. Rosemary Clemo’s Diamond- themed flight in July took her from her home airfield to as many places as possible with references to diamonds, of which she found 30.

NAOMI CHRISTY CUP: KANCHANA GAMAGE.  This trophy is awarded for a flying or flying related personal achievement, beyond the recipient’s wildest dreams.  Kanchana Gamage was recognised for her determination to provide successful role models in aviation, including herself and her own PPL, to schoolgirls to encourage them to become involved in aviation.

JACK BRACKENBURY PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION: LUCY IRWIN. First awarded in 2004 in memory of Jack the award is to encourage members to record BWPA events as Jack used to. Entries may include photos sent in for the newsletter and website as well as the archives and the competition itself. Lucy Irwin won the competition with her unique photographs of her flight ‘VFR over New York in a Single Engine Aircraft, published in the Summer 2015 newsletter.

HILDA HEWLETT TROPHY: BRIDGET DONALDSON. The award is for a British woman pilot between the ages of 16 and 25, who has shown initiative and commitment in gaining her PPL (with a view to following a career in aviation) and who, through her actions and her example, is an inspiration to her peer group.  Bridget Donaldson, a glider pilot and glider instructor, was selected for a full RAF scholarship to obtain her PPL, after passing through the RAFs Officers and Aircrew selection centre at the age of 17. She was also awarded the Dacre Brooch 2014, the most prestigious award within the Air Training Corps, being selected ahead of 60,000 other cadets as being the best female cadet within the Air Cadet Organisation. Bridget was born in 1995.

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