Carol Vorderman plans to fly around the world!

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During the 2013 UK Aero Expo held at Sywell Aerodrome, BWPA friends at Freedom in the Air (an advanced flight training centre for people with disabilities) managed to get the only filmed interview with Carol Vorderman about her PPL training. Well, since then, she’s announced her around the world flight. She is currently training for her PPL licence and hopes to fly solo in July.

Carol has unveiled plans to fly around the world solo – following in the footsteps of pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart. The ex Countdown presenter hopes to set off on her 29,000-mile journey next year.
Her route will take her across Mexico, Sudan and Pakistan – mirroring the ill-fated trip that Amelia made in 1937.

‘It’s been my dream for decades’: said Carol


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