BWPA AGM to be held online

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With the COVID-19 situation continuing and uncertainty about how this will develop as we head into winter, many people remain concerned about the health and wellbeing of themselves and their families.

The committee has considered these factors in depth and agrees that holding an in-person AGM this year would be neither responsible nor in members’ or the Association’s best interests. A hybrid AGM was considered, so there was the option to attend both in person and online, but only one venue approached was able to guarantee the technology required to enable this to happen effectively, and this venue was prohibitively expensive.

Last year’s online AGM was a huge success, attracting one of the highest levels of attendance of recent years. The committee believe holding the 2021 AGM online is a practical and responsible way forward. It will ensure as many members as possible can attend and exercise their right to have a say in the running of the BWPA, while protecting the health and safety of them and their families. Like last year, the AGM will be followed by the awards ceremony, where the winners will be announced and congratulated!

The 2021 AGM will be held online on 5 December 2021. The calling notice and papers will be distributed electronically (or via post to those who have requested*) at least 21 days before the AGM. These will explain how the AGM will be run, including how to vote, and provide information on how to cast a proxy vote if you are not able to attend on the day. Members will be required to register to attend, to ensure security and ensure only those eligible are able to vote.

Following the success of last year’s AGM, at the start of the meeting the committee will also hold a vote to formally change the BWPA Rules to explicitly permit AGMs to be held online if required – the proposed wording will be circulated with the AGM documents.

The committee looks forward to seeing many members at the 2021 AGM – look out for further details to be shared soon via our website, social media feeds and enews. If you have any questions on the proposed way forward for this year’s AGM please contact the Chairwoman by the end of October.


*If you need hard copies of the papers sent to you, please contact the secretary with a brief explanation.

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