BWPA 2015 Diamond Jubilee Scholarships application is open – now there are SIX!

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Application form and information about the scholarships are now available to be downloaded from this post. Please note that the final application submission date are 24th October (for the gliding Scholarship) and 31st Oct (for the other 5 scholarships)

Application form for the Aeroplane Flying Scholarship is available from the link:BWPA Aeroplane Flying Scholarship 2015-1

Application form for the CAT CPL/ATPL Scholarship  is available from the link:BWPA CATS CPL-ATPL Scholarship 2015

Application form for the Saul-Pooley IRI Scholarship  is available from the link:BWPA Saul-Pooley Flying Scholarship 2015

BWPA Diamond Jubilee 2015 Scholarships –

Now there are SIX 

15th September 2015


Following on from the announcement last week of the first four of our BWPA Diamond Jubilee 2015 Scholarships for women pilots, we are now very pleased to announce that the final two scholarships are now open for applications.

These are both for qualified pilots who wish to further a career in aviation, and both are in conjunction with specific flying schools.

The first, the BWPA CATS CPL/ATPL Scholarship is for those with at least a PPL(A) or (H), who wish to study for a CPL or ATPL, and is for the ground school element of one of these courses, kindly donated by CATS Aviation Training, Luton.

The second, the BWPA Saul-Pooley IRI Scholarship is for a qualified flying instructor who wishes to become an Instrument Rating Instructor (IRI), and is donated by Dorothy Saul-Pooley of Pooleys Flying Instructor School at Shoreham Airport. Dorothy, a BWPA member herself, and very well known instructor, has very kindly offered to teach the instructional component of the course.

 The Application forms, containing full details of what is included (and what is not) in these two scholarships, pre-entry requirements, and other relevant information can be found on this website, and application for both is via the BWPA.

Information on the previously announced four scholarships, which are of course still open to applicants, is repeated below for convenience.


BWPA announces the first four of its six Diamond Jubilee 2015 Scholarships

11th September 2015


The British Women Pilots’ Association (BWPA) intends to award up to six scholarships to female pilots in 2015 as a part of the celebration of this, its Diamond Jubilee year. The awards will be available in a variety of aviation activities, including Flying Aeroplanes (to include both Vintage and non-Vintage aeroplanes), Gliding, Microlight flying and Ballooning, and these four Scholarships are now all open for applications.

There will also be two more specialised scholarships, involving training for an aeroplane instructor rating, and commercial flying (in conjunction with specific schools) and these will be announced in the very near future.

 For the four scholarships now open, an award of £500 will be available for each scholarship to the female pilot who, in the opinion of the selection panel shows the most promise for their future flying. (The panel also reserves the right to make no award if no suitable candidate is identified). 

 The Aeroplane Flying Scholarship Application Form is now available on the BWPA Website, and will also be attached to the newsflash to members. The application form contains full instructions for entry. Selection for the award will be by a panel of two BWPA members, and one LAA member.

However please note: If you wish to apply for a BWPA Scholarship 2015 to fly Gliders, Microlight aircraft or Balloons, you must apply via the BGA, BMAA, or BBAC as appropriate; details and an application form can be found on their websites, and selection for the awards will be jointly undertaken by BWPA and the three relevant organisations. For these three Scholarships please DO NOT use the Aeroplane Flying Scholarship Application Form on the BWPA Website.  

 The final application submission dates are 24th October (for the Gliding Scholarship) and 31st October (for the other three just announced). Sorry, but we will not be able to consider applications received after the relevant deadline.

 If you wish to apply, please follow the instructions in the relevant application form, and for all applications please also attach a brief general CV, including your contact details. 

 The successful applicants will also be invited, as a guest of BWPA, to the BWPA Christmas Lunch and Awards ceremony on Sunday 6th December 2015, at The Manor House Hotel, Weston on the Green, Oxfordshire.

 The BWPA Committee strongly encourages applications – in particular we hope YOU will consider applying; good luck with your application.

 BWPA Scholarship Sub-committee; September 2015



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