Anyone applying for a BWPA scholarship must be a member of the BWPA at the time of application, when winners are selected and for the duration of their scholarship funding. Other eligibility requirements for each scholarship will be set out in the respective application form. Only one scholarship application per person will be accepted. There is an expectation that all scholarship winners will remain committed to the aims of the BWPA.

Applications are not restricted to UK citizens or residents, but winners must carry out their scholarship flying in the UK or Channel Islands.

There are no age restrictions, but applicants under the age of 16 must have a parent’s/guardian’s permission to apply.

In order to support as wide a range of members as possible, an individual who has been awarded a BWPA scholarship will not be awarded a scholarship in the year following their win. For example, a 2022 BWPA scholarship winner will not be eligible to apply in 2023, but may apply again in 2024 (subject to meeting eligibility criteria).

Members who volunteer with the BWPA, either on or off committee, are eligible to apply for scholarships, so long as they do not carry out any roles related to the anonymising or scoring of scholarships. The BWPA Directors may not apply for scholarships.

Promotional activities

Any part of a scholarship application may be used for BWPA editorial and marketing purposes, unless sensitive or otherwise agreed. Winners’ names and photographs will be published. Winners are expected to actively support publicity for the BWPA in connection with their award, including, but not limited to, by providing regular updates to the BWPA on how their training is progressing. This may be requested in the form of quotes, short updates or videos, as well as a minimum of one article in the 12 months following their award. BWPA scholarship winners will also be expected to comply with the BWPA media policy in relation to their scholarship win. Winners not supporting the promotional activities or not complying with the BWPA media policy, without good reason, will forfeit their scholarship.

Payment of scholarship funding

All scholarships will be paid directly to a pre-approved training provider. Payments will be transferred to the provider in instalments over an agreed time period. If winners fail to provide updates to the BWPA, as and when requested, payments may be delayed and winners may be required to reimburse the BWPA for any payments already made.

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