[Ext Org] TOPNAV 2018 by RIN



Time: 10am
Location: Peterborough Business Airport (Conington), White Waltham, Bodmin and Solent Airport


TOPNAV is a visual navigation competition for private pilots, organised by the Royal Institute of Navigation’s (RIN) General Aviation Navigation Group (GANG), and held every year in May.
This year it is to be held simultaneously at Peterborough Business Airport (Conington), White Waltham, Bodmin and Solent Airport (Lee-on-Solent/Daedalus) on Saturday 12 May with a weather reserve of 19 May.

It is for a 2-person crew – pilot and navigator.  Your aircraft will be fitted with a GPS tracker to check where you actually flew.

We start with a briefing (at 1100) at which the route – which is about 80 minutes – is handed out. You’ll have enough time to plan it in detail and there will be a master chart to check against.  You’ll be marked for timing, accuracy of tracking and overflying the waypoints (usually about 8).  You will be asked to take photographs as additional proof that you were there and you may submit a log to aid the judging.

There are various categories: Aeroplane, Helicopter, Microlight and SLMG (Motor Gliders). There are also separate categories for Youth or Military entries (including Service flying clubs) and separate routes for slower aircraft. ‘Youth’ entries involve an older pilot flying a navigator who is below the age of 18 – a great experience for the younger ones.

Entry fees cover refreshments for the day, including lunch (kindly, the airfields waive landing fees):
– 2-person crew: £30
– 2-person crew including RIN member: £20
– 2-person crew including someone under 18 (Youth entry): £10
– each additional crew member: £10

Winners will be invited to the RIN Annual Meeting and Reception in London to receive their prizes.

Come and enjoy it – yes, it’s competitive, but it’s also aimed to be inclusive.  There genuinely are categories for everybody.  Depending on your background, it will almost certainly be a good learning experience and is an excellent opportunity to practice visual navigation without satellite assistance!  Most importantly, it will be fun and a fine way to get your summer flying activities underway.

Information, including entry forms (the electronic version may be completed and emailed straight back) and payment details, may be found at: http://www.rin.org.uk/Events
We’re looking forward to seeing you at TOPNAV 2018