Awards 2013

Our annual awards  for 2013 were presented at the Christmas Lunch at Hall Place, near Maidenhead, on 7 December 2013.


Chairwoman’s Challenge Trophy
A new Challenge is set each year and the award is given to the entry judged to be the most interesting or unusual navigation flight within the theme.
The challenge for 2013 was to take part in a precision flying event of some kind either as pilot or as navigator, be it TopNav, one of the BPPA’s Precision competitions, a rally or any other similar event.
The competition is judged on the basis of flight logs, photographs, accuracy of times and other supporting material submitted by entrants. The judges also take into account the experience of the pilots.

Awarded to Allie Dunnington.

For her participation as pilot in the Queen’s Cup Air Race organised by the BBAC.

2013 award winners – overview:

Winner Award
 Not awarded Hilda Hewlett Trophy:
For a younger member who has shown initiative and committment in gaining their Pilots Licence.
Not awarded Faith Bennett Navigation Trophy:
For a navigation excercise of special interest or one that stretches the experience of the pilot to their limit.
Pauline Gallagher Naomi Christy Award:
For personal achievement.
Not awarded Muriel Sells Trophy:
For supporting the BWPA by attending events and/or working to further the aims of the Association.
Clare Tector Jackie Moggridge Trophy: 
Awarded for achieving excellent qualifications in their chosen career.
Ayala Truelove Brabazon Cup:
For a particularly outstanding performance.
Gautam Lewis BWPA Special Recognition Award:
This new award is in recognition of an individual’s active support of women in aviation.
Yvonne Sintes Jean Lennox Bird Pendant:
For service to aviation over a period of time.
Kirsty Cameron O.P. Jones Cup:
For a noteworthy performance in gliding or hang-gliding.
Allie Dunnington Jack Brackenbury Photography Trophy:
Best BWPA related photograph submitted for the archives, website or newsletter during the year.
 Allie Dunnington Chairwoman’s Challenge Trophy:
The Challenge to take part in a precision flying event.