The British Women Pilots' Association is a non-profit making association run by volunteers who are enthusiastic and committed to the BWPA. The BWPA exists to promote aviation, particularly to women. There are over three hundred members of the BWPA involved in all areas of aviation.

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BWPA Aviation Seminar 8th Feb at White Waltham Posted Feb 23, 2014 By admin_bwpa_master

BWPA Seminar Saturday February 8th 2014 Twenty-Two people attended the successful re-run of last year’s BWPA Aviation Seminar, held this year at White Waltham. The

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Dawn To Dusk Awards – BWPA award winners! Posted Feb 23, 2014 By admin_bwpa_master

Dawn to Dusk Award Presentation, London – January 2014 Women pilots, several of whom belong to BWPA, were well represented among the trophy winners at

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Clare Walker got the RAeS Sir Robert Hardingham Presidential Sword! Posted Jan 12, 2014 By admin_bwpa_master

Citation Sir Robert Hardingham Presidential Sword awarded in 2013 to Clare Walker   The original sword was donated by Graviner Ltd to the Society of

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