The British Women Pilots' Association is a non-profit making association run by volunteers who are enthusiastic and committed to the BWPA. The BWPA exists to promote aviation, particularly to women. There are over three hundred members of the BWPA involved in all areas of aviation.

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Inaugural Girls in Aviation Day Posted Aug 16, 2017 By admin_bwpa_master

On 23rd September 2017, ACS Flight Training will be offering all girls 50% off all Flying Experiences on the day. This includes flights in 2-Seater

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2017 scholarship winners announced Posted Jun 02, 2017 By admin_bwpa_master

The British Women Pilots’ Association has as one of its main aims the support of practical schemes to support women in aviation, and as a

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Challenger Learning Centre Initiative Posted May 10, 2017 By admin_bwpa_master

A joint initiative between BWPA and Air Pilots, looking at the possibility of setting up a centre in Winchester (in collaboration with Southampton University) supported

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