The British Women Pilots' Association is a non-profit making association run by volunteers who are enthusiastic and committed to the BWPA. The BWPA exists to promote aviation, particularly to women. There are over three hundred members of the BWPA involved in all areas of aviation.

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Zonta’s AMELIA EARHART FELLOWSHIP Posted Oct 16, 2016 By admin_bwpa_master

Fellowship description Globally, women make up less than 30 percent of the workforce in physics, computer sciences and engineering, according to U.S. News & World Report.

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“Learning to Fly” – Fact Not Fiction Films Posted Oct 15, 2016 By admin_bwpa_master

Fact Not Fiction Films has confirmed that their documentary ‘Learning to Fly’ has a new project partner: ICOM UK Ltd. The documentary follows 20-year-old Beth

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Congratulations to ‘easyJet’s youngest female airline captain’ – 26-year-old Kate McWilliams Posted Sep 26, 2016 By admin_bwpa_master

Coverage of Kate McWilliams becoming a captain for easyJet, which includes comment from BWPA Chair, Julie Westhorp: Julie Westhorp, Chairwoman of the British Women Pilots’ Association

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